i swear, one day i will finish Devil Survivor Overclocked and Soul Hackers, and then ill play Devil SUrvivor 2 again just to remind myself of how cool and awesome Yamato is

up next on paradox space: tim buckley does a comic about terezi having a miscarriage, easily surpassing the comedic output of those other guys

im not gonna lie. KC Green doing a homestuck comic thing for paradox space is the saddest possible thing in the world. a washed-up has-been who stopped being funny years ago making a comic for a terrible comic that also stopped being funny years ago

all we need now is for Christ Onstad to do some dumb shit for it and we can complete the trifecta of Things That Used To Be Okay Until They Sucked


accidentally choosing the wrong skill in smt and it gets repelled back at you


Something Awful - How Dare You

oh hey zack managed to perfectly capture the Essence of Tumblr